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Testing the Pocket Crimper under Real-Life Conditions

Real proof lies in real world field testing. As a test, a hot water boiler heating system and complete bathroom were installed using the tool exclusively. Each joint was made, not in laboratory conditions but in real life conditions. Some joints were hard to get at, hard to see and out-of -position, typical of the conditions found by the end user. No special treatment was given to making the joints. Each joint was made following the supplied directions using only a piece of paper to judge the correctness and completeness of the joint. No joints were measured until after the trial thus not allowing a "learning" process to take place and influence the results.

"Real proof lies in real-world field testing."

*These tests were conducted by a licensed professional engineer and funded by the State of Maine.

Excerpt from ASTM 1805 specifications


Each of 29 joints was measured three times, once perpendicular to the crimp line and twice at 30 degrees to it on either side as shown in the diagram. Also, the highest measurement value per joint was subtracted from the lowest per joint yielding the out-of-round measurement. These numbers were tabulated, the out-of-round figures calculated and compared.  This is shown in the accompanying test results.

The governing specification, ASTM F 1807 — 05 for crimped PEX tubing joints, figure 1 requires the absolute measurements to be within a .015 in. window and the out-of-round condition to be within .006 in. On both sizes tested (the two most common sizes ½" and ¾") . All results were well within specifications.

Test results, in an excel (.xls) file, can be downloaded here.


The Pex Pocket Crimper "Measures Up"!
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