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Instructions for Use of Pex Pocket Crimper
Cut tubing cleanly, deburr, and slide crimp ring over tubing.
Insert fitting and position ring 1/8" to 1/4" from end of tubing with tubing snugly in place.
Position Pocket Crimper, centered over ring.

Squeeze the ends of the tool with large, 10” Vise Grips ® until closed. This should be done in several stages, adjusting the Vise Grips ® as warranted.

When crimp is properly done, a piece of paper cannot be slipped between the jaws at the closest point.

It is good practice to check your crimps with a Go/No-Go gauge. For each pipe size, one side of the guage should slip over the ring as shown (“go” side) and the other side, shouldn’t (“no-go” side).


1.To speed the crimping process, Channel Lock ® pliers may be used for initial rough closing.

2. Lubricate tool occasionally with light oil or wax.

3. A rubber band around the tool will hold it in place while crimping.

4. Vise Grips ® may be positioned at any angle for tight locations.

5. Placing the Vise Grips ® at 90 degrees, well into the jaws, will give the most leverage.

6. Ordinary pliers and small Vise Grips ® do not have sufficient mechanical advantage to make a crimp.
The greatest mechanical advantage occurs when the Vise Grips ® are almost closed.

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